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I MET GOT7????

Hey guys how are you! If you guys followed my twitter (@majimork / @sarahkhirs) you guys probably know what i am going through lol. I am just gonna make a disclaimer saying I do not or did not left my exo fandom just to those who are wondering. I just did a few changes for my main fandom and is currently being on rest mode/semi-hiatus on my exo fandom. I clearly dont think you guys need an exact reason why.

Enough with the serious talks, let’s jump right into the tittle. I met GOT7??? What????
Yes I did, and no I did not become a fan after I met them. I have left this blog for a long time and a lot of things happened; I went to Korea, I met got7 and etc. I had a few changes of likes like I mentioned earlier. I became a fan of got7 ever since their debut and only changing main fandom after I met them. Yea by know I would say they kind of.. wracked me lol.

It has actually been 5 months ever since I met them. It was during their music video filming in Malaysia and I met them for 2 days, on June 9th and 10th. So let’s start, shall we?
So it all began on a Sunday. I was actually on my way back from sending my brother back to college and it was a good 8 hours drive from KL. My friend send me a picture on Whatsapp saying that GOT7 is on their way to Malaysia (it was their preview at ICN) for a mv filming. You guys probably can guess how in panic I was.. It was a really pumped up situation lol. It was so sudden that they came. So sudden that I cant get my way to KLIA by the time they arrived. That night I felt so weak lol because it was announced that the mv is going to be filmed at Bukit Jalil, KL. I was already imagining me not going to meet them or even see them.
Oh I forgot to mentioned that all of this happened during our school holiday. (Nice timing JYP! Thanks!) That morning I woke up and scroll through Twitter. Some fans were already at BJ and it was said that they didnt see any signs of them at all. Suddenly a friend whatsapped me saying the shooting is actually at Shah Alam (a city near KL, takes 30-45 minutes of driving). I was freaking out so much because I live at Shah Alam. Like it was kind of crazy and awesome. Not wasting time I took my bath and get ready. (Just inserting this in, I was fasting that day).
It was so hard to get permission but I got it since it was near. Around 1pm my brother-in-law drove me to venue which is called Holy Smokes Cafe (the first location in the mv, it was not a set). It took me around 10 minutes to arrive. It was my first time going there and arriving, there were already a lot of bodyguards. So we decided to drive through a small alley (the alley they did a photoshoot for the 1st teaser picture and also their album cover) and not around the two blocks of stores. Reaching the end of the alley, I saw staffs and also a photographer taking a photo of someone. After driving a little bit more I saw Youngjae doing a photoshoot near an orange car (the individual teaser photo, only it was edited to black and white). I was already so excited inside the car I almost cried. We were so near and the only thing that was blocking us was me in the car lol. 

The people there were the staffs, coordi, photographer and bodyguards.

As you can see, there are an alley in between the two blocks. This was taken when I was near 99 Speedmart. And that was the oranger car Youngjae had a photoshoot at. And if you can zoom in, you might just see Jinyoung in a denim jacket with white stripe on the back!

Here was the teaser picture! Wished they didn't edited it to black and white tho :(

We parked and I decided to go to a group of fans and approached them. Who said you can’t go to meet your idol alone lol you would obviously make friends! We decided to walk to 99 Speedmart which is just behind the cafe. We stood there for good few minutes actually and it was so freaking hot. Like the weather was literally killing us. Not long after that Mark and I believe it was either Bambam or Yugyeom (I am really not sure I was only focused on Mark lol) came out of the store and peeked at us. They smiled and waves at us. Then they went back in. After few minutes Jinyoung came out and did a photoshoot like Youngjae did, also for the teaser picture. We were actually quite far. After that I had to rush to tuition. Arriving at tuition I actually didn’t know that I was like an hour early for it. So me being so freaking brave asked my friend, Farina if she could accompany me seeing then one more time and she said yes (she didnt regret it lol she becomes a fan right after she met them it was craaaazy). We went there with a taxi that we actually know the driver so it was quite easy. We went there and told the driver to wait for like 20 minutes lol. Then me and my friend walked to 99 speedmart again and meet my other friend, Kamy. We basically stood there for 15 minutes and saw nothing and it was so sad. Then the body guards moved us to other side of the road. So the cafe had like a seethrough glass so we can actually see them from across the road. They were basically playing in the cafe lol and Jinyoung waved at us (it was beautiful CRIES). Then it was time to head back to class :( Super sad.

That night me and Kamy were thinking so hard where could they be the next day. We thought of possible places and decided to just go to the possible places and if we are lucky enough, we would meet them. So the next day my mom dropped me and kamy off at a library and we called a taxi to go to the place. Our first rough guess was Extreme Park also known as Skate Park and we were right. When we arrived at skatepark we saw crew busses and lorries and the cool looking cars. It was raining so they had to delay the filming. It was 10am when we arrived and they start to come out at about 12:30pm(?) or so. Farina and another friend, Hariesa came after that. We waited and picked the perfect spot, Burger King. (Just inserting it here again, I was fasting lol) Which if you watched the mv for the outdoor shooting after the rap part and bridge, there was a Burger King at the back and yeah that was where we hung out for good.. 9 hours lol. At about 12:30pm we saw JB coming out from a bus and he was heading to Burger King with his manager. He entered and I was so shocked I was like what the hell why is he entering. My guy friend said “Hello, hyung!” in Korean and JB said hi back. JB took out his hand to shake my friend’s hand. I was really shocked lmao he then shook all of our hand such an angel ugh. Now JB’s hand is… soft lol. It was idk it was smooth and soft and it smelled nice. Yeah that is what I can described lol. Then after JB went to the toilet he came out and my friend who is being a shameful ass asks for another handshake he was like “JB, one more time!” and JB was like “Yeah~” and shook his hand. He then exits BK and said goodbye to us. Few minutes after that Mark came out and he was on his way to BK and I WAS SHAKING I WAS LITERALLY SHAKING SO MUCH. I just held my friend for the whole time. Nothing really special happened when Mark walks in but seeing him just makes everything special. He was basically glowing man istg. He had that warm smile on his face when I call him quitely I dont think people would hear it but he responded it with looking at me and gave a really warm smile. He was beyond adorable. I nearly cried lol he was so beautiful. After he came out of the washroom, my eyes were basically locked on him. He saw and he looked at me while smiling and I smiled back and he looked down while smiling shyly/he’s like he was embarassed and it was so cute man how to handle. After he did that I just laughed and look at him left BK.

This was our view for the whole time.

A selfie won't hurt, aye? Our excited face to meet the GOT7 boys!

Most of them came out and Jackson began his individual shooting rap part in front of the cars. He didnt make contacts with us obviously because he was filming. It takes a while for a member to give fanservice tbh lol. I think it was after he finished filming, he look at our side and we were waving. After that he waved and we were squealing so much and he prented to squeal as well it was so adorable… 

So we had this penny board because originally we were planning to skate as well. Then the mv staffs were discussing about the item they needed for some photoshoot and it stated that they need skateboard, basketball and I didnt quite remember what was the other one. They said they needed it for a photoshoot and looking back at it now it seems like it was for the photobook. They asked us where can they get those things and we told them. Because penny board is actually a bit expensive and our’s wasnt even original and it was RM200 so the staff decided to just borrowed our’s for the photoshoot. Without thinking other words we just said yes lol. So then he took it and he said he would give something as returned and turn out that the ‘something’ is actually the members signing the penny. Mark and Jackson was in a car and then Jackson saw the staff holding the pennyboard. He went to the staff and grab the penny from him. Then Jackson rode the penny and we were sobbing hard in BK lol. Then Mark took it from Jackson and rode it too. Then I think Mark asked whose penny was it so the staff pointed at us. Mark then showed us the penny and waved at us. (There was a fancam of this thank you to the one who uploaded it God bless you.)

The pennyboard end up being in their 1st Photobook in Malaysia, GOTCHA!

I believe Mark was asking about the pennyboard, at this point. The staff handing the pennyboard!

The 'gift' they handed us! The staff made the GOT7 boys to sign the pennyboard, we couldn't be any thankful! TT (Mark also left and "i love you", aw!)

They filmed the truck part first and actually they were playing so much on the truck lol. They were jumping and all but it came out so calm in the mv.They then had to take few takes for the ending part because it was really hot and the road tar made it worst. While they were on break Jinyoung went inside BK. He looked tired but he still smiled at all of us. Idk why but i think he was trying to have eye contact with all of us. Then Youngjae came in, he was so sweaty lol but he still looked so good. He smiled and bow at us. Not long after that, Yugyeom came in and he was so cute. To put in words Yugyeom is a really cute tall baby. His body is a bit big comparing to ther members and he’s really tall. His eye smile is so cute lol. When he came in he was actually sweating so bad but he smelled nice guys istg. He smell so nice like how??? I remember there was part where we called him by "Oppa~" and he looked at us shyly and he smiled. He was beyond cute. Then he went out. After that Mark filmed his part inside the yellow car for a few minutes lol the part came out only for a few split seconds in the mv. Then it was the ending, they finished filming I believe I was not quite sure. They went to the back (there’a KFC and Pizza Hut). I came out a bit late to say my goodbye(s) but I caught Mark’s attention again (yes slay). I waved and he waved back hehe. I then heard Youngjae sneezing really loud and ugly lmao at first I wasnt quite sure then my friend told me that it waa Youngjae. The last member(s) I saw was Jinyoung and Yugyeom sobs. That was actually the last time I saw them ㅠㅠ On the third day I actually went look for them but I couldnt find them. tTurn out they were at Shah Alam and they were really near my school.

The photoshoot near our school!

And we had to go there too, right? It was just a 2 minutes walk from our school!

I have a wonderful time with the boys, Thank you GOT7♡

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