Saturday, November 8, 2014

A year.

A year. It has been a year or probably more than that. I am really proud and happy to say that I am starting anew. With the old posts being thrown of the dustbin, and so does the old me. I figured out that I was not much a teenage back then. I was more like a kid, wanting to grow up more and ended up regret because I was trying too hard. But anyways, that's not the point. I feel like starting this blog again since I have missed it so much. Throughout time there were a lot of things that I didnt expect to happened back then, happened now. Some are the things I'm grateful of, and some are the things I wish I can redo it all over again; eg: my pmr.

2013 was not much of a year I'm grateful of, but it was a year that I am most thankful to my friends and classmates who brings so much laugh to me throughout the years. Although there have been anger and tears between us, that didn't stop us to bond together, at least that is what I always think of. For a time period that I dont even know when, a group was estamblished to againts me. I am probably so naive and to put it in a rough way, stupid, didnt know that thing was coming. My love for them was that big till the part that I didnt know they would repay me like that.

But past, stays in the past. There sure have been some tears of laughters, tears of joy or tears of sadness but they give me great memories. I would say in 2014 the thing that made me happy was GOT7, my sister finally gave birth and Running Man. There are probably some others that I couldnt think of but as for now, that is all I could think of. A lot of people leaves though, my friends went to boarding school, my grandpa and uncle passed away, Luhan and Kris left EXO and Jessica left Girls Generation which all was a big impact on me. Well there's still a month and 3 weeks to go and so I am actually excited to see how this year is going on. Till then.

P/S: The next post will probably be about me meeting GOT7 or Running Man, dont know if you're excited about that but stay tuned!

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